Local Broadband News January 2015

A Happier New Year is assured for all those who have ordered Gigaclear Ultrafast Broadband!

Everyone who has ordered already, should have received notification that the project is going ahead as soon as possible. This phase of the project covers the villages of Marholm, Helpston, Ashton, Ufford, Southorpe, Pilsgate, Barnack, Bainton and Tallington.

Please note: Every property will have a connection point placed outside the boundary for connection later if you haven’t already ordered it - but if you want the special double-speed for a year free offer, please order it now!
Gigaclear Broadband is expected to be extended to other villages in the area once all of the current ones have been connected to the fastest broadband in the UK - up to 1Gbps!

Our local website has a lot more information on: UltrafastPeterboroughVale.info or you can order direct on www.Gigaclear.com